Product: Maize seed

Season:  From January to December.
Variety: Border King.
Size:  5, 10, and 25kg bags.
Price:  Available on request.


Type of maize: Open pollinated
Grain colour: White
Grain type: Flint and Dent Mixed
Height of plant: 2,7m
Colour of Cob: White
Days to 50% flower: 52 to 62 days
Days to maturity: 120 days
Disease Tolerance: Very good
Stand ability: Good
Rows of Grain on Cob: 8 – 10
Leaf Type: Hanging
Colour of silk: White / Pink
Size of cob: Large
Streak Tolerance: Good
Long Pollination Period: Yes
Pit Classes: 69% pit class of 8 and higher
Important Notice:

The variety is registered with SANSOR and all the necessary inspections have been done to ensure that new seed of the highest quality is available.
This variety is also excellent as a green mealie (cook and braai), and has a long shelf life.

Border King Maize is ready to eat after 10 weeks.